Back home to Worcestershire

Im now have a two weeks off for my inter-semester break and I intend to do nothing but photography. The last few mouths have been kept busy with new projects being set on my MA. They are to the be the final projects that I will do. So i will have to do some filming during this break to keep on the ball. Starting tomorrow I will be filming at the World BMX Championships in Birmingham. My production crew have been given access to film there, and we have access all area press passes which will be perfect for the footage we need.

Anyway back to photography! Here are some images of things that i have found since yesterday. The hot weather has made photographing these creature a real challenge as they just don’t stop moving. I really want to make a species rich list of my garden, but just as I get into it, I have to go back to Cornwall. I have been doing similar things there too to keep photography going. But theres nothing like you own garden

I have many more images waiting to be edited. So will update this post soon!


Jumping spider

Wolf Spider with prey (another spider)


Walking toad

Ruby-tailed wasp