Canon 1DX test

Canon have really treated me and granted me the opportunity to play with their new pro camera the 1DX. It arrived in a flight case to my front door and believe me it was like Christmas day.

When it was first announced on the market I thought nothing of it as it didn’t seem a huge leap forward, but once I read all the hype about it, I just had to have a go. 

First impressions was that was it focused extremely well in low light, but the thing that shocked me most was the quality of the high ISO’s, they were just amazingly clean.

The autofocus tracking for me is the best part, it’s so nice to have more focused images to choose from. Theres nothing worse than looking at the images you have just taken to find that the best ones are slightly or completly out of focus. Looking at images from the 1DX on a computer i’m just in awe of how many images have been tracked and tracked really well.  

These are a few images from a couple of test shoots.  

ISO 2000

ISO 400

ISO 2500

ISO 1600