Cold weather is always welcomed

I have been waiting so long for some real winter weather. For the last few years I have always been in falmouth at university at this time of year, and lets face it winter that far south usually results in rain and lots of it. Whereas back home in Worcestershire you can wake up to those fantastic crisp mornings with frost covered landscapes.
Here are a few from the other day. 

Watching ducks land on ice is always amusing as they slide along with their feet going in all kinds of directions. It also impressive seeing displays of their wings acting as air brakes just as they land.

I have also been back to visit the dead tree. Im still finding ways of improving this particular image. Different weather conditions tend to show the structure of the tree in a different light.  I find that really cold clear nights work best, its just a shame about the light pollution in the right corner. 

The light pollution all comes from the Barnt Green Inn which is always lit up like a Christmas tree all through the night.