Grass snake

I found this tiny grass snake which was only as narrow as a pencil and slightly shorter. They are absolutely amazing creatures. Ive only seen a couple over the summer so this one was a real treat when i came across it.

The idea behind this first image was to create a photograph that didn’t involve cutting the subject in half (with the frame that is). Im not a fan of leaving part of the subject out of the frame as it looks unnatural, as you would never see it like that in real life plus it just looks bad in most cases.
With snakes being annoyingly long to squeeze into a tight frame the option I went for a favourite of mine which was a head on portrait. I really wanted to draw the attention to the the eyes, so to enhance this effect I needed to throw out the background which meant finding an angle with more than several meters of empty space behind the subject. It was important the background had to match an angle with sufficient foreground (in this case the moss) for it to be as perfect as I could get it.