It’s been too long since I’ve posted on here, mainly because I have been working on my final hand in for my MA which has taken up all my time. It’s scary being away from photography for such a long duration. 

It’s now time to move onwards and upwards. The first day back home has proven this is where I should be. I found a juvenile grass snake, a bee hive in a dead tree and stumbled upon three badgers roaming the bottom of my garden. Along side all of this there are copious amounts of insect life to be documented.

As a recap of competitions I have entered, there have been no more successes. How ever, I did manage to get one image through to the final stages of ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ which was amazing considering there were forty eight thousand entries this year.

This is the image. It shows a Green Woodpecker silhouetted on the branches of a dead oak tree.

I managed to get two images shortlisted into British Wildlife Photography Awards, but I don’t think any of them got into the book which was a shame.  

These are the two images that didn’t make it.

Adder on Godrevy Beach

Rat under boardwalk