New Project

As soon as I was back from Scotland, I started on a new project. I intend to document the diversity of insect life in my garden back home in Worcestershire. It always amazes me the amount of life that can be found in one particular area.
Spiders particularly interest me as there are so many varieties. Im currently playing with ideas of how to present them at the moment, as some appear large when in fact they are tiny such as the zebra spider, this one species was the size of a pencil led.
I felt the need to photography some at eye level, as the the features vary so much throughout the different species is would be a shame to not appreciate them.

Ladybird - Found on nettles


Xysticus cristatus (crab spider) - Found on nettles

Amaurobius similis - Found in crack on brick wall

Europhrys erratica - Found on wooden table

Centipede - Found under a plant pot

 Woodlouse - Found under a plant pot

Unidentified - Found on nettles

Nursery web spider - Found on nettles