The importance of white balance

Correct color in photography drives me mad. Seeking perfection in getting the white balance correct is challenging with outdoor photography. The lighting conditions are changing all the time and even though you can correct a large percentage of the colour cast in raw converter software I find that getting it exactly right is still challenging.

Then you have the worry of not having a calibrated monitor which can add to the dilemma.  

The image below shows a mountain hare taken in afternoon light. Once I had edited it, I could still see it was slightly warm and with my lack of understanding about colour could not correct it without it going too blue. White balance also contains tint which im my opinion is dangerous to play with.

Then I found this approach;

Have a read then give it a go. You can seen the results below. Keep in mind it works really with some images but can cause weird results in other. So be warned.

At the end of the day it personal preference on what colour temperature you decide you want for your images.