An evening with the mice

I have been watching this family of mice for a while now. They live under the slabs outside my kitchen window. Every night around 7 o'clock they emerge from under the slabs. They have several entrances to their tunnels including one thats under the roof, just above a honeysuckle bush. I wanted to show the stages of their routines as they collected grain from under the bird feeders. 

The mouse listens for while 

The mouse cautiously emerges

The mouse sniffs around to check everything is ok

Mouse pauses, to check the coast is clear

The mouse returns with a mouthful of grain 

There are some images that i still need to get, in order to fill in the gaps. This means a setup in another spot. I tried to do it on the same evening but the mice did not like being disturbed and were reluctant to come out.

To get these shots i used a 500mm at f11 and 2x 580ex flashes remotely triggered with radio triggers. I pre focused on a designated spot and released the shutter when the mouse came into position.