Arne Peninsula Part 2

The Arne Peninsula in Dorset has to be one of my favorite spots in the UK. I’ve only been there a handful of times but it’s really one of those places that just grips me every time I set eyes on the place.

This time I went, I was taken away by the amount of colour in the landscape, from the purple and pinks of the heather to the greens and browns of the bracken. Even though the heather and other small flowers were through their best, they still had a huge affect from when I was there before in late June.

My main attraction in this location was the Raft spider. There were lots of other interesting subjects there but I really wanted to concentrate on the Raft spider. 

I only spent one day photographing in Arne and the weather was perfect as it was a bright overcast day with very little wind. By the second day the wind had really picked up and the light was just too harsh. Anyway here are some of my results.