Every now and then i will trawl through the 22,000+ images that are sitting on my computer and cull as many as i can. Oh the joys of digital happy snapping! 

I’ve had this image of a kestrel on my computer for a while now. Every now and then i will come across something worth wile. I had about twenty variations of this image, just each one slightly different, after all you have to make sure you get that one picture that ticks all the right boxes. With so many of the same image i sometimes get put off editing them, as it takes a good amount of time to go through them and check them all at 100%. Most of them were perfectly focused and exposed which put me off wanting to delete them. But one of them was enough, so the rest had to go. 

I find that some days are best spent editing what you already have. Theres always something lurking amongst the countless pictures on a hard drive.