Hedgehog Release

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the release of two hedgehogs which had been rescued by Willows Hedgehog Rescue.

Willows Hedgehog Rescue is a small self funded not for profit organisation. Their aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and release our native European Hedgehog.
Many of the hedgehogs that are rescued are badly injured or orphaned making them extremly venerable without support.  

Hedgehogs really are amazing creatures. Up until now I had never really seen a hedgehog close up. It was another reminder of the wonders of the natural world that surrounds us.

Once the hedgehogs are ready to be released back into the wild, they are  taken to a garden provided by a volunteer, where they will have a sufficient habitat.
You can see in the image below, the hedghogs are tagged with a small coloured bead (in this case blue) so they are able to identify them.

A cat cautiously sniffs the strange new residents before backing away knowing that the balls of spines are not to be messed with.



A hay lined box is provided so the hedgehogs would have a safe place to live.


The box is then placed in the undergrowth. A hedgehog will be place just outside the entrance so they can get used to their surrounding and have the choice of shelter.


Willows Hedgehog Rescue do an amazing job from rescue to release and will greatly benefit from your support.  
If you would like to know more about hedgehogs and how you can help please visit: