Onwards and upwards

Starting a new year is always exciting. Thinking about what the the next twelve months in photography will hold.
Seeing the empty 2012 folder on Lightroom is like a fresh start, so hopefully this year fill it less rubbish and start taking better pictures.

Anyway, it’s off to a good start this year as I managed to get one image, “Hidden amongst the leaves”, through to the next round of the ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year’. March holds the announcements for winners and those highly commended, so I shall look forward till then to see what happens.

Title: Hidden amongst the leaves
Category: Wildlife havens 

In the last few days i have been going down the local Reservoir, to try my luck with the wildlife there. Not so much activity this year which is a shame, so didn’t really get any great images.

But you can always rely on your own garden to produce something. So here is a Nuthatch.