Robin’s pincushion

This strange pom-pom like growth, which forms on the branches of wild rose, is actually the work of a tiny wasp (Dipoloepis rosae). The ‘gall’ contains multiple chambers where the larvae of the wasp will develope before emerging the following spring. The gall provides a perfect home for the tiny wasp larvae during the winter months.


Florida 2014

What seems to be a never-ending barrage of bad weather, has driven me go in search of some inspiration to keep the photographic passion alive. So taking advantage of the January flight sales I travelled to Florida.

A day into my trip I soon realised that the bad weather back home had come back to haunt me. Pouring rain and skies so grey the sun never made an appearance. So much for being the ‘sunshine state’. Some parts of florida had nearly 2 feet of rainfall in 24hrs. A knock on effect from all the rain meant that the swamps and pools that were usually teaming with wildlife, were now too deep for all the wading birds. Even the Everglades National Park seemed awkwardly quiet. I had hoped to spend four days there but Instead only spent an evening and a morning, before deciding to head back west. 

Many other photographers that I met were also feeling the shortage of wildlife and bad weather this year, so I was not alone. It is a constant reminder of the challenges that come with this type of photography. You just have to adapt and move on.
To sum it up, I didn’t get as many images I was hoping for.  Despite the bad weather I did manage to have a few productive days and I met some great people along the way, which made the trip a lot better, so thank you, I hope to stay In touch.

Here are a few favorites from my trip

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Osprey with fishimage

Armadillo foragingimage



White Ibisimage

Tricolored heron using its wings to create shade in order to reduce reflectionsimage

White ibis with crabimage

Fort Myers beach after all the rain image

Brown Pellicanimage

Great blue heron with nesting materialimage

An alligator basks on a dirt road in front of my hire carimage

Tricolored Heronimage

Playful willetsimage

Snowy egret chasing off a tricolored heronimage