Spiders Galor on the Arne Peninsula

I have recently just spent several days at one of my favourite places in Dorset which is the Arne Peninsula. Arne at this time of year is awash with spider activity. Their webs cover the landscape creating a real spectacle that I highly recommend going to see. I have edited a few images in the short time that I have back home before heading to Cornwall to attend my graduation. I will post more images when I am back, but in the meantime here are a few of my favourites. 

Four-spot orb weaver Araneus quadratusimage

Wasp spider Argiope bruennichiimage

Raft spider protecting young Dolomedes fimbriatusimage

Raft spider protecting young Dolomedes fimbriatusimage

Garden spider Araneus diadematusimage

High resolution images can be viewed with the following link:-