An evening in the field

The other day i decided to give my ghillie suit a go, since i hadn’t used it since being back home. I was in the mood for photographing foxes after seeing them several days in a row, whilst on walks in the field at the bottom of my garden. They seem to come alive once the grass has been cut and bailed. It’s almost like they have been given a new play area. I watched them as they rolled around in the cut crass and chased birds and rabbits and generally having a nice time. 

The day i went out with my camera i couldn’t see any foxes so i thought i try my luck with a rabbit. I lay down and gradually crawled towards it. Whenever it became suspicious I froze. I got fairly close to it and then suddenly realised that i was being watched.

A fox was sitting quite away from me watching me and the rabbit. As i turned to photograph it, I saw two more foxes were chasing each other. I tried to turn my top half while prone. I managed to get some useable images but nothing spectacular. If only they had been closer!

However the rabbit was so relaxed with me being there that it allowed to get nice and close. It turned towards me for about five seconds enabling me to get this shot.