Arne Peninsula

A recent trip to the the Arne Peninsula in Dorset was well needed break after finishing my degree at falmouth. So myself and fellow photographer Liam Marsh went for a week to see what we could find. I had been itching to photograph Raft spiders again since visiting the area just over a year ago. I was looking forward to heading out with one subject and one lens in mind and concentrating on studying one thing. But Arne is a place that just keeps on giving (subject wise). So i had to cater for all subjects. I’m so glad i did. On arriving at the reserver (RSPB Arne), the wardens had a spotting scope aimed on Tawny owl snoozing in oak tree above the car park. It was the first time i had ever seen one, so it was awesome start to the trip. I returned later when the light was in the perfect position. Just lighting up the owl and highlighting the leaves that framed it.

Our luck with the Raft spiders wasn’t as good as it was the year before. This time we could only find juveniles an the occasional young adults.