Nesting shags

I have been in Cornwall for the last two weeks and have been visiting some nesting sights that I missed out on last year. Everything this year seems to be very behind. Two years ago I remember that most of the shags nests  had chicks at this time. This year there seem to be very few that even contain eggs.

These two panoramas were taken on two separate occasions and in different weather conditions. The first was on a sunny day and the second was taken on overcast day.

On the overcast day there was little activity and the birds were mainly just quite inactive.

On the sunny day, the birds were a lot more active and were displaying to one another and even passing nesting material to their mates. They are very tidy and like to rearrange their nests while they sit on them to keep everything perfect for when the female is ready to lay her eggs. 

I will be back in Cornwall in a few weeks so will look forward to seeing how things are getting on.


High resolution images can be viewed with the following link:-