South Florida and the Everglades: Part 2

Trawling through the thousands of images that I had taken throughout the trip, Im often looking for the most striking images that are worthy of a place in my portfolio, but often I find this to be too brutal as many of the images are just nice too look at and marvel at the subjects within.

This image of a banana spider for example, I find the out of focus branch in the background a real distraction making the image “ok” rather than “amazing”.  Still I like it as its a memory from my trip and if theres even one other person who takes interest from it then Im happy.


Frequently I’ll come across images that I had totally forgotten I had photographed. This image of an alligator with marbled water rippling around it Is one of my favourite images and for me I wish I had spent more time searching for images like this.

Ultimately the thing about traveling is that you never know when you will return and when you do it’s rarely for a lengthy amount of time.
Florida is one of those places where there is literally more things than you can shake a stick at to photograph. Even though I had shots of certain subjects I still find myself photographing them and trying to improve on the previous ones. But I wish I could have restrained myself more in order to spend the time looking for more creative shots.   


Raccoon image

Dead fish - This dead fish is one of the thousands that lay dead on the beaches of the florida coastline as a resulting effect of the red tide. In short - a toxin created by microscopic alga that affect the central nervous system of fish.

I found all sorts of beautiful fish from cowfish to puffer fish, the beaches were just covered. 


Cracked mudimage

Juvenile little blue heronimage

Grackles image

Alligator image

American Bittern image

High resolution images can be viewed with the following link:-